About LAC

LAC is a strategic advisory company specializing on content distribution. We offer in-depth knowledge in both traditional and digital media strategies. A strong focus in sustainable, profitable business models and new business models in transactions, events, e-commerce and content marketing.

Our core services:


Coaching executives and board leaders who want to be challenged and to have a critical advisor that lead them to important choices, restructuring and innovation.



Structuring management or participation in strategic planning in both established and start up businesses.



Partnering, assisting in both establish and start up businesses with partnership and cooperation, to strengthen the companies´ innovation, alliance, and access to new and established markets. 



Our research assignments include compelling case studies, explore new trends, predict the competition for a service and find “peers” to compare and follow business areas with these partners.



We offer speeches & lectures, moderation in conferences and participation in the creation of programs.